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Online Keno Made Simple

Posted by Michael

casinoFor those who love casino games like Bongo or Craps, Keno is another enjoyable choice for them. Keno is a totally chance related game and a newcomer can very easily beat a player with experience. With the technology advancing and the internet generation growing, the casino industry has also gone online. The top online casinos and all games can now be accessed via smart phones and computers and people can win real money.

Online Keno is available at all the top online casinos. It’s incredibly fun and payments are good. As it’s a game of chance, strategies and tips don’t work much. Still some tips related to money management and other issues can help you get ahead.

Dear money and Excess money

Gamble with excess money, not dear money. It means that don’t hit the tables with the money you need right now or you want to spend in future, as the Keno is all about luck. If you have some excess money that came unexpected and have no plan for it, then bet on it.

Better Chance of Payout      

Try online Keno instead of real life Keno. At live casinos, Keno winning average percentage stands from 60% to 70%. On the other hand, the best online casinos offer much better odds.

Consecutive numbers

Pick consecutive numbers, such as- 30 and 31 or 43 and 44. This trick is proven to develop the odds sometimes. Although, there isn’t any rational justification found for this trick.

List of Numbers

Another frequently adopted trick is to pick several numbers and playing them over and over again. Some addicted players do this for not only series of games but for days.

Numbers in Previous Games

Many believe in playing with numbers that didn’t come up in the previous games as those numbers should start hitting. Also, sometimes the opposite strategy is adopted, believing in the random selection process.

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