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deucesDeuces Wild is one of the most difficult games to learn and the reason why this game is very difficult because the players have to learn the correct strategy on various scenarios for the “wild card”. Most of these situations are anti-intuitive and the nuances are not immediately visible, even if you’ve played for a long time. What we want to do here is to analyze some of the nuances in a reasonable way, by looking at some kind of series straight flush that can occur with a wild card.

First we will look at scenarios with single wild card. If you have four cards in a straight flush, one of which is wild, and the other three are what we will call singletons. The singletons and its relation to the other will determine the type of series you have. If all three cards are consecutive rank, and if all three cards is five or higher, then you have what is called a major series of straight flush. If not, then you have a straight flush minor series.

For example, you have 2c8d7d6dAc. Your three singletons (876) are in the sequence, and all of them is five or greater, so you have a major series of straight flush. If you change it a little bit to 2c8d7d5dAc, then because the three singletons are not sequential, then you have a minor series. Along the same lines, if you have 2c6d5d4dAc, then you still have a series of minor straight flush because not all three singletons is five or greater. Making this difference is very important because there are certain decisions that sometimes you have to make between two different ways to play.

Suppose we are given 2c7s7h6h5h. We have a major series of straight flush, but also have three of a kind on seven. The rule of thumb here is that you have to maintain three of a kind exceeds major series of straight flush, but you have to maintain a major series of straight flush exceed three of a kind. It’s an easy way to resolve a very difficult situation, and take into account the nuances that really set this game apart from other forms of video poker game in online casinos.